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<transcy>Here’s how it works</transcy>

No samples, no hidden costs, no mainstream products, no bullshit. Just the care your beard has always dreamt of: regular products from the best barber shops and manufacturers in the world.

  • <transcy>1. Start your journey</transcy>

    Book the Beardwide Box for €17.99 and set off on a new adventure. You can cancel or pause your box at any time.

  • <transcy>2. Select your product</transcy>

    Every month you receive a link to select your desired product. There are always at least 3 regular beard care products available to choose from.

  • <transcy>3. Receive pure love!</transcy>

    You always receive your Beardwide Box with a regular product of your choice within the first 3 working days in the month.

<transcy>Real talk: What is in your box?</transcy>

Here we show you some of examples of products you can choose when putting together your box. The saving is always based on the purchase cost offered by the next cheapest supplier.

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  • <transcy>✓ Best Price Guarantee</transcy>

    Our promise: You will always save at least 25%. Not on the RRP, but on the next cheapest offer. If we don’t keep our promise, you will receive your box for free.

  • <transcy>✓ Best Quality Guarantee</transcy>

    Our focus is global. In order to provide you with the hottest products, we search for the best barber shops and manufacturers worldwide. Only products that have us 100% convinced make it into the box.

  • ✓ Best INCI guarantee

    You will not find anything in our selection that doesn’t belong in your beard. No mineral oils, no PEGs, and none of the other crap. But what you do often get are new ingredients with which you were not previously familiar.

  • <transcy>✓ Best Service Guarantee</transcy>

    Regardless of whether you want to pause, double up, cancel, or gift your subscription. We are always here to help and to find the best solution for you and your beard. We promise!

<transcy>Some of our global partners</transcy>

  • Beyer's Oil


  • Pan Drval


  • Capt. Fawcett

    United Kingdom

  • Sobre Barba


  • The Dandy Gent

    United Kingdom

  • Milkman grooming


  • bivouac


  • <transcy>... and many more.</transcy>


<transcy>Questions & Answers</transcy>


Why is the Beardwide Box the best thing that can happen to your beard?

We are beard-wearers by conviction. We only offer you products we love ourselves. You will always receive a selection of high-quality products with high-quality ingredients. Here you always have the chance to choose from various product categories: beard oil, beard soap, beard balm, or brushes – this way, you can always treat your beard to exactly what it needs.

What does the monthly Beardwide Box contain?

Every month your box will contain one premium beard care product in regular size, which you can choose yourself. To this end, we send you a link by email each month, via which you can make your product selection. There are always at least 3 products from different manufacturers to choose from. And you will always save at least 25% on the next cheapest offer.

When is the box delivered?

We always send your box on the last working day of the month. So that we can offer these affordable prices, we use the "Warenpost" shipping method. In our experience, the shipment will be delivered to you within the first 1 to 3 working days of the new month.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to anywhere in the world, free of charge.

Is there a cancellation period of a minimum subscription term?

No. You can cancel your box at any time. There is no minimum subscription term.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, you have two alternatives. You can either do this directly via your account, or you can send us an email to info@beardwide.com

What if I want to give the Beardwide Box as a gift?

Yeah, then you’re on the right track =). Simply complete your subscription and enter the lucky recipient’s details as the delivery address. Your box will then automatically be sent to the right place. If you still require a voucher etc. to present as a gift, or if you want to include a special message with the delivery, just get in touch with us at info@beardwide.com

How can I select the products I want to receive?

You will always receive an email with your link in the middle of the month. This will take you through to product selection. Here you simply choose what you would like to have this month. If you ever fail to make a selection, we will send you our own recommendation.

Can I also pause my monthly box?

You’re on holiday, or maybe just have enough beard care products in the house at the moment? That’s no problem, as your Beardwide Box is flexible. Please just send us a short email to info@beardwide.com if you wish to pause your box. Any already paid sums will of course be refunded to you.

How can I pay for the box?

At the moment the box can be paid for using PayPal or a bank card. If you wish to use a different means of payment, e.g. purchase on invoice, you can feel free to get in touch.

<transcy>Testimonials regarding Beardwide in the beard-related media</transcy>

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